PUASA is an independent student organization representing African students at Peking University that is social and cultural in nature. 

It is registered under the Peking University International Students’ Department and has close working relations with the PKU Center for African Studies

 PUASA is not affiliated to any political organization or party and is primarily concerned with the wellbeing and interests of African students at Peking University, promoting unity, pride, and solidarity.

The objectives of the PUASA are:

  1. To consolidate the unity of African students at PEKING University
  2. To defend the rights and interests of its members
  3. To strengthen the friendship, solidarity, and mutual understanding between Chinese, Africans, and all other students.
  4. To encourage pride in the African identity
  5. To encourage support and participation in PUASA programs
  6. To forge mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations sharing similar aims.
  7. To encourage and support student initiatives and contributions by African students.
  8. To enrich the experiences of African students whilst at Peking University.
  9. To uphold our African heritage and culture.